How to Achieve Your Goals With A Plan

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How to Achieve Your Goals With A Plan: You have some dreams about your future and you want to achieve them then this article will surely help you in achieving your goals.

If you are really serious about your dreams then you should follow all these tips.

Identify Your Smart Goals:

You need to set smart goals this will increase your chances of success.

The SMART Goals definition / acronym stands for

Specific – Identify what exactly is your goal.

Measurable – what get tracked gets improved.

Acceptable – is Your dreams make any sense?

Realistic – set realistic goals which you can conquer.

Time-bound – set deadlines you are a man on a mission don’t waste your time.

Write down your goals:

According to reasearch Only 3% people write their goals and and take actions on them.

So you should also write down your goals and work towards them.


Use A B C Method to prioritize your goals

A – Most important goals

B – Important Goals

C – Not really important

Now give a grade to your goals using ABC method.

Divide Your Goals in:

1. Yearly Goals

2. Monthly Goals

3. Weekly Goals

4. Daily Goals

Analyze Your Progress Weekly

Write down what you have done towards your goal what right/wrong thing you did and how it has affected your dreams.
What get tracked gets improved so you should analyze your progress daily is your plan working or you need to improvise.

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Improve Your Strategy if needed

If you are not getting the results which you have expected before then you should try improving your strategy maybe you need to give it more time or you need better tools and resources.

Achieve your goals and celebrate with friends and family

Once you achieve your goals you should enjoy with your friends and family make it a memorable day.

You deserve this celebration 🎉.

Everyday is a second chance to change your life completely you just need a little courage to give it a kick start.

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