Best High Paying Career Options for Commerce Graduates

11 Best High Paying Career Options for Commerce Graduates
Best High Paying Career Options for Commerce Graduates
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Best High Paying Career Options for Commerce Graduates: Hello friends welcome to in this article we will talk about some of the best high paying career options for a B.Com Graduate.

if you a bachelor of commerce student and have recently completed your Commerce graduation and planning what to do after this then this article will be really beneficial for you.

Best High Paying Career Options for Commerce Graduates

We all have to go through this choosing a right career option can be a tough decision. and there are factors which play a vital role in choosing a right career option like career scope, money, work ethics, passion, etc.

and all these things make our decision much more difficult but worry not we are here presenting you some of the best career options which you can choose and pursue your career into it.

Here are some of the best career options which you can pursue after completing your graduation in commerce.

1. Business:

You are a  commerce Student so you have some good theoretical knowledge of the business. you can start your own business. many peoples want to work on their own so starting a business can be a good option.

if you want to start a business first understand the need of the market and start your business around it.

14 Best profitable online business ideas, How to start a business with low investment, 3 Proven ways to get business ideas 

2. Chartered Accountant (CA) or Company Secretary (CS):

CA course doesn’t require any introduction many students pursue commerce just to become a CA.

Becoming a chartered accountant requires at least 4 to 5 years of study it includes 3 years of article ship training after completing the chartered accountant course. you can start your own firm where you can do auditing and tax planning kinds of work for your clients.

Chartered accountants are in high demand in many sectors like Banking (Private & Government), Public Limited Companies, Auditing Firms, Finance Companies, Legal Firms, Mutual Funds, broking Firms, Patent Firms, Investment Houses, Copyright Registers etc.

3. Lecturer/Professor:

After completing your commerce graduation you can go for the master of Commerce M.Com and then you can clear NET and SET exam for becoming a professor

The NET is conducted to determine the eligibility for Junior Research Fellowship Award or Assistant Professor.

A job of Lecturer/professor will give you many perks high salary around 60000+ Per Month, opportunities to learn, respect, etc.

4. Banker:

If you want to become an investment banker then you have to complete investment banking program to get a license and also you need to have some working experience in this field. Getting An MBA degree will also help you.

Bankers provide many types of services to their clients like investment decisions, handling trusts, deposits, credit, etc.

You also need to have to have some good communication skills, helping nature, good knowledge of sales and marketing, multi-tasker, honesty, trustworthy.

5. Government Jobs:

Graduations open many doors for student government jobs are one of the most sought jobs in India.

Government jobs offer many perks like less work stress, high salary, job security, fixed working hours, tax deductions, etc.

After B.Com You can apply for Civil Services Exams (IAS, IES, IPS), SSC CGL, Railway RRB Exams, Banking Exams (IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, RBI etc.)

6. Human Resource Development Management:

After you can go for masters in human resource management (HR). This is a good career option for commerce graduates.

An HR help companies in person managements they get to decide employees hiring, firing, making policies related to employees.

An HR Can work as an Administrative Services Manager, Labour Relations Specialist, Human Resources Specialists, Training and Development Managers etc.

7. Legal Adviser/Attorney:

While doing B.Com many students get attracted towards and then they start pursuing Law.

but remember only go for the law course if you have time to settle in career and really passionate about it because will take around 3- 5 years to complete your law degree

and then you will also have to gain experience before start practicing as a lawyer

8. Chief Accountant/Chief Internal Auditor:

After Completing your graduation you can go for Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI). After completing you can pursue M.Phil. or Ph.D. to enhance your knowledge.

or you can start working as a Financial Controller, Cost Controller, Chief Internal Auditor and Chief Accountant etc.

9. Certified Management Accountant (CMA):

The CMA Course is offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

For becoming a certified management accountant you need to have some skills like financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics.

10. Market Researcher:

The job of Market Researcher is to analyze the market trend, competition, growth opportunities before launching new service/product.

No company wants to fail their product and services so before launching their products they analyze the market very well and try to finalize the strategy which can make their product hit

market researcher helps these companies in product planning and marketing strategy he also uses surveys, research, group discussions to finalize things.

So he can apply and join companies as a new product wing, product researcher, senior researcher, account director, etc.

11. Certified Financial Planner

CFP deals with person finance he helps peoples in planning their life goals, investments, retirement, insurance etc.

so if you want to become an investment advisor then a CFP certification can help you in your career. Full Article On How to Become a CFP.

12. Stock Broker

If you have interest in the stock market then you can do any short-term course and then fulfill required necessary paperwork and requirements and can start working as a stockbroker.

you can also become a sub-broker and work with the main broker if you want.

13. Export-Import Manager

Companies require the import-export manager for documentation and custom work their job is to ensure the work is running smoothly.

as a commerce graduates, You can start working in this field just after graduation or you can study further and specialize in import-export.

14. Insurance Consultant

As a commerce graduates After completing your in Banking and Insurance, you can start working in Insurance Industry for doing that you need to complete few certifications and then you can start working as an Insurance Advisor or Insurance consultant.

15. Event Manager

Events are very popular in India we just need a reason to celebrate and plan an event.

India is hosting many events everyday marriage, meetings, parties, get to gather and much more. India needs event managers who can host events.

You can complete any every event management course or start working as an intern just after graduation after that you can start your own event management company.

16. Travel Agent / Travel Manager

You can become a travel agent/ tour planner and help peoples in planning their trip.

a graduation degree is sufficient to work in this field you just need to tie up with vehicle owners, hotels, transport, etc and you can start your work.

17. Economist

if you have interest in economics then you can do Masters of Commerce ( in Economics after that you can work with companies agencies, become a professor or work with government agencies.

18. Administrative Job

Every industry requires administrative after you can start this job in any industry.

computer skills and few extra skills will help you in getting good job.

There are many courses available you just need to decide what you want to do.

I hope you enjoyed this article 18+ Best High Paying Career Options for Commerce Graduates.

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Thank you.

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