Why You Should Choose Business Over Job

Why You Should Choose Business Over Job
Why You Should Choose Business Over Job
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Why You Should Choose Business Over Job There are many reasons thousands of peoples prefer business over job own boss, opportunities to create wealth and a brand, help peoples, providing employment and more.

Let’s find out why you should choose business over a job and start your entrepreneurship journey soon.

How secure is your job?

Its time to update our thinking and adapt business mindset unemployment increasing, technology enhancement and machines are going to kill millions of jobs every year.

And if you are not ready for it you may face the heat soon.

Entrepreneurs and businesses can use leverage

You should learn to leverage technology and resources for your benefit.

For example as an entrepreneur nowadays you can start an online business in a day and start making money (here we are leveraging the technology we are starting a business in the day rather than building a store with high investment).

choose business over job

Can Make Passive Income

A true businessman knows how to make money even when he is not working actively.

He can create business systems which produce money for him he hires best peoples to do the job and make money.

Just like a restaurant owner hire chef, staff, manager and let them do their job and make money.

Reduces Taxes or no Taxes at all

A business can save a lot of money in taxes the government wants businesses to succeed because that’s how the country economy gets stronger and provide employment to millions

As a person

You Earn ▶️ Pay Tax ▶️ Spend

But a business

First Earn ▶️ Then Spend ▶️ And Then Pay Tax

And when a business is in debt it also gets tax breaks from the government.

Related: it does not require money to start a business here is how?

Usually, in a job you get paid for your time but in business you get paid for results

When a company hires a person they give him a fixed salary monthly surely employees get hike but it takes time

But as an entrepreneur you can crack a good deal you get to make money if you a lot of good deals you make a lot of money.

Example: suppose you are a dealer and you make 1000 profit in one product and you get an order for 1000 products from your clients and then another 200 and another for 300 total 1500 orders you just make a call to supplier and order products and get it delivered to your clients and you can count your money TOTAL PROFIT = 15,00,000 IN A SINGLE CALL.

But in a job, you can’t do that if you got a work to do you have complete it and you won’t get any special bonus because that’s your job and they are paying you a fixed salary.

Business is not boring

In business you will be building your dream empire, meeting some great peoples and you would have a lot of things to handle So you will not get bored.

but in a job, you have to keep doing the same things again and again and it’s one of the main reasons peoples prefer business over a job.

Business is not about you

Business is all about providing value if you provide a lot of value to a lot of peoples no one can stop you from getting rich and popular.

So start thinking about how can you help peoples, solve real problems, improve quality of life and make their life easier.

That’s all I could think of why you should choose business over a job.

Ps: I am not saying that business is going to be a sweet or easy journey but if you want to make a dent in the universe you can’t do that in 9 to 5 job.

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