How to Become Dating Consultant (Salary, skills required, career)

How to Become Dating Consultant (Salary, skills required, career)
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Dating consultant as a career: Do you love seeing couples together and don’t like when they fight over little issues and want to help them to overcome their small differences and enjoy their love life then there is a right career option for you.

Dating consultancy is all about arranging dates and meet-ups online counseling with couples. It also helps those who had a tough and unpleasant experience at dating and help them to overcome and try again.

How to Start Dating Consultants Business Online and Offline

Online dating consultancy services:

  • Helps you in finding your compatible partner
  • Arranges an online meet-up
  • Promises to provide you the authentic information.
  • Counseling.

Skills required for an online dating consultant:

• Excellent communication skills.
• Proficient writing skills.
• Patience and calmness.
• Ability to read people’s mind.
• Ability to understand the preferences of your client.

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Before starting take training:

It would be wise to work in the same industry in order to gain experience.

Because in this online dating consultancy business the more you will get experience the more chances you will have to success.

So improve the required skills by working and by taking training.

For opening an online dating consultancy company you may need:

  • Profile writer.
  • A Virtual assistant.
  • Assistant manager.

How does it work:

• Collect and write data from your clients.
• Categorize them according to their interests and preferences.
• Inquire your client as what qualities he wants to see in person whom he/she wants to have dating with.
• Creating a profile of all your clients with full description and information regarding them.
• Handle messages and collect phone numbers of your clients.
• Sending your clients email alerts.
Market yourself:

You need to market your services because through this people will get to know about you and your business.

So it is suggested to promote your business you must start the following:
• E-Books
• Blogs
• Arrange seminars
• Video blog


The salary range for dating experts can range from $100K to $500K. It depends on how much they work. For salary range, dating experts usually charge $75-$300 an hour.

Key points :

For running your business successfully the thing which highly matters is word of mouth.

It is a strong tool which helps in building trust.

Be very passionate and energetic.

You have to display a strong gusto towards your work. You have to remain very passionate while dealing with your clients.

Because you are the one who has to create a bridge between your clients. So you have to be a cockney sparrow in order to revive their interest.

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