How to Earn Money as a Blogger [Beginner Guide] - Get Business Idea
How to Earn Money as a Blogger [Beginner Guide] - Get Business Idea
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In this article, we have discussed HOW TO EARN MONEY AS A BLOGGER [BEGINNER GUIDE], By end of this article, you will able to determine if blogging is your cup of tea or not.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to earn money from home. Unlike any other job, You don’t need to work 9-5. You can work at any time of the day with ease and as per your own convictions.

But remember blogging will not generate noticeable income instantly it takes time to earn money from blogging first you need to build an authority, promote your content in multiple platforms and build a reader base for your blog.

and then your blog will generate some noticeable income for you.

So don’t take any decision in rush.

the first thing you should do is to plan how you are going to do all these things.

don’t quit your day job because blogging will take time.


Once it is on the stage where it is earning you more than your comfortable limits then it’s the best time to turn into full-time blogging mode.

Blogging is Suitable For.

If you love to writing and sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world don’t get bored while working on pc for a few hrs.

Skills Required to Earn Money as a Blogger.

Ability to express knowledge in writing with a simpler yet effective way continues learning approach.

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Time Required For Starting A Blog.

If you are totally new in this field and have No knowledge then learning and making your own website may take time like 5-7 days. or you can hire peoples from or they will make a blog for you.

Get Domain and Hosting

You can get a domain name from and web hosting from  I personally tried their service I am pretty satisfied with them Bluehost provides a web hosting for three websites at around 309 Rupees per month and for one website 259 rupees per month (current price) and you can get a single .com domain name from big rock for 2 years at around 600rupess.

Install WordPress.

Then you have to install WordPress when you are with this you can install a theme and a few plugins do few settings and you are ready to go. if you want I can make a WordPress blog for you Contact me.

Tips on How to Earn Money as a Blogger [Beginner Guide]

1. Create a Blog

Start a blog about something in which you have an interest can write about  For e.g. If you love traveling and have traveled a lot of places then start a travel blog,

This way you will never run out of content.

remember content is the king so first think of creating value only then you will be able to make money easily.

2. Write Unique Contents.

Use your experience and knowledge, try to create unique contents which your visitors love to read.

3. Learn SEO and improve.

Then slowly keep learning more about Search engine optimation (SEO) and make your contents better time to time.

4. Engage with visitors.

Listen to your visitor’s blog post what your visitors like. Try to solve their problems and solve their queries. reply to their comments.

5. Transform your blog into a business.

Imagine your blog as a business keep it updated with the latest contents and keep improving every time, create value for your visitors if they love it they will surely come back on your blog website.

6. Build an authority.

Be professional in the way you handle things on your blog. Don’t criticize other brands, bloggers or people you may need to collaborate with them in the future or have some work with them, apply this even in your life remember everyone is important in some way.

7. Collaborate with others.

Don’t hesitate and be ready and excited to collaborate with other creatives this way you can increase your reach to more peoples.

How to earn from blogging

1. Sponsorship.

You can recommend product and services to your viewers and get paid for it by companies. promote their products on your blog, write reviews and be loyal to your blog visitors.

2. Adsense.

Google Adsense people ads when you get approved for Adsense program you will be able to place ads on your blog these ads will make money for you.

once you place the Adsense ads on your blog Google will take care of other things, Google will start showing ads in few hrs.

3. Affiliate Marketing.

You can also make money via Affiliate marketing shopping giants like Amazon and offers them where they provide commission for product sells which your visitors buy from your affiliate link.

I hope you like this article How to Earn Money as a Blogger [Beginner Guide]  bookmark and subscribe us for reading more such articles.

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