How to Earn Money on Instagram With shout Out Profile [Full Guide]
How to Earn Money on Instagram With shout Out Profile [Full Guide]
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In this article, we have discussed How to Earn Money on Instagram With shout Out Profile [Full Guide]. After reading this article, you will be able to earn money via Instagram shout out profile easily.

Instagram is a very popular platform for sharing photos and videos with your friends; it has over its 600 million-plus active users. There are many ways to earn money on Instagram I will write about them in upcoming articles, but in this article, we are going to discuss how you can make money via Instagram shoutout profile.

How to Earn Money on Instagram With shout Out Profile [Full Guide].

Starting a shoutout profile on Instagram is easy what you have to do is follow the steps given below many big shoutout profiles are earning thousands of rupees daily.

Remeber it may take around 1-2 month to start earning from Instagram with a shoutout profile. If you have money you can opt for paid promotion for your profile, it will fast-track the process.

Make Money With Instagram with Shoutouts

Step 1. Create an Instagram shoutout account

First of all, you have to create an Instagram shoutout account you can do it for free you can register on Instagram via email or facebook then setup your upload profile picture, update profile information.

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Step 2. Time to get followers to your account.

You can get followers by uploading photos and videos and adding few hashtags on it keep your profile privacy to the public it will increase the chance of getting viral you can also talk to shoutout Instagram accounts for giving you a shoutout this can be done free or paid.

Free – you have to give a shoutout to a profile, and in return, they will also do the same

paid – you can spend money on getting a shoutout from a shout profile which has thousands of followers.

Step 3. its time to earn.

Now after getting around 5k-10k followers you can also charge some money for giving a shoutout to others by charging around 50-100rs per shoutout.

You can also promote products for brands and companies and individual by promoting products you can earn up to 500 and more depends on your follower base. Approach brands and companies if they agree you can earn the good amount.

Step 4. Expand.

Its time to expand this keep repeating the above process keep gaining more followers and giving shoutouts.

You can earn around 200rs per day in starting.  Then how much you can increase it depends on you. Many big shoutout profiles earn thousand of rupees daily.

Ways to make money on Instagram

1. Profile

have you seen links in the someone profile bio? if you have a good number of followers you can sell this section. fox exampleinstagram profile link

2. Story.

You can promote profiles and product in stories and charge for it.

3. Caption Shoutout.

Also when you upload photos you can insert domain link or profile and promote them for money.

4. Selling account.

If you have good numbers of subscribers you can sell your Instagram profile for good amount of money.

Normal Price for instagram account is 6$ per 1000 followers

Tips and notes.

  1. Ask for permission before sharing someone else photos on your shoutout profile and using it for promotion and tag them properly this is important so they won’t report your profile and get your account deleted it’s always kind to ask for permission.
  2. Keep your account privacy in public. It will increase the chance of getting viral.
  3. Be a professional don’t act like a dumb and start defaming someone if they reject your request for the shoutout and don’t permit you for a shoutout.
  4. Keep increasing your follower base.
  5. It will take time to expand so be patience.

I hope you enjoyed this article How to make money on Instagram Shoutouts.

Bookmark and subscribe us more such articles soon. I am coming up with more such methods to earn money from facebook twitter and other websites.

If you have queries regarding this article tell us through comments. Feel free to contact us.

Thank you for reading

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