How to Effectively Use Books and Videos to Become a MasterMind

How to Effectively Use Books and Videos to Grow Faster
How to Effectively Use Books and Videos to Grow Faster
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How to Effectively Use Books and Videos to Grow Faster: You know Many times it happens we crunch books after books and video after video and don’t improve anything in our life and start feeling like a loser it hurts if you are not able to improve your life even after trying.

But there are high chances that you are doing something wrong and today we are going to talk about how you can Effectively Use Books and Videos to Grow and improve yourself Faster.

This is a simple 5 step plan which you implement right away so lets have a look how you can do that.

How to Effectively Use Books and Videos to Grow Faster

1. Watch and Read for learning.

We should have a learning attitude. Normally peoples spend most of their free time watching videos or reading books, articles etc.

but they do not have a learning attitude that’s why they aren’t able to improve themselves.

What you should do is give your full attention and have a learning attitude try to capture what author wants to say to you.

Sometimes we start judging books and videos and start commenting bad about them that’s why we aren’t able to learn from them so stop judging.

if you want to learn you can learn from everything

2. Take Notes Write Down Things which you can implement in your life.

I know many things these books and videos says are crap and do not apply to the real world situation.

but also their are many things which can help us to improve our life.

So what you need to do is take notes and write down all the things from book or video which you can implement in our life.

3. Choose 3 Things which you are going to Apply now Create Urgency.

Now pick up your notes and choose 3 things which you can implement now and start working on it.

These 3 things are your goals now.

Focus on completing them one by one use your will power destroy your goals.

4. Analyze Results and celebrate your success.

After you complete your goals now its time to celebrate. celebrate even if you have improved a little bit go out, eat your favorite dish, dance.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Lao Tzu

And next day now its time to analyze what you did right and wrong while completing your goals write them down.

Promise yourself that you are going to improve more and more and more.

5. Repeat

So make a promise to yourself that now whenever you are going to watch a video or read a book/article you will take notes and immediately try to apply 3 things to make yourself better.

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Learning is a life long process

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article How to Effectively Use Books and Videos to Grow Faster.

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