Event Planner – Start Your Best Event Management Company [Guide]

Event Planner: Start Your Best Event Management Company [Guide]
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Do you want to become an event planner and start your own event management company, then you are at a right place in this post Event Planner – Start Your Best Event Management Company [Guide], we are going to discuss how to become an event planner, what are the earning potential, work, and duties of event planner, etc.

Event Planner – Start Your Best Event Management Company [Guide]

Who is an event planner

An event planner is a person/company who is smart at coordinating all the aspect of professional meetings and events. As an event planner, you will get to organize festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions where your task will be to choose event location and alternate location, arrange transportation and coordinate with decorations, food, labor, and others.

Skills required for becoming an Event planner

If you are making up your mind and want to become an Event planner, then you need to develop some qualities and skills so you can manage things better.

Here are the skills which you need to develop to become an event planner:

• Ability to manage and organize things.
• Should have great flexibility so one can complete his task.
• Creative in his work.
• Should be able to perform multitasks vigilantly.
• Budget management skills so he/she can execute events in the budget.
• Develop the client management skill.

Duties of event planner:

You should Be able to Handle multiple task and operation that involves many tasks such as providing labor, workers, and materials be supplied as needed, including food and beverage needs and planning date and alternate date of the event.

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To place and secure venues for events in addition to getting permits.

An event planner also needs To coordinate with transportation, parking, location support, decorations, furniture’s and also ensure any emergency support.

Other duties:

1. Meet-ups with clients to understand the purpose and need of the meeting or event.

2. Plan out the scope of the event which also includes time, location, program, and cost.

3. Approaching bids from places and service providers such as florists or photographers.

4. Do work with the client to select where to hold the event and whom to contract for services.

5. Visit and inspect places to ensure that they are up to the mark and according to the client’s requirements.

6. Consult with on-site staff to coordinate details.

7. Keep tabs on event activities to make it certain the client and event attendees are satisfied.

8. Review event bills and getting the payment approved.

How can you become an Event Planner?

1. You should get a bachelor degree in this regard.

2. Get Related work experience in this field if you can work as an intern in hotels or event planning so you can understand how things work.

3. Field experience is better than book knowledge so get at least one or two years of experience in this field, or you can start your own event management company and learn with time.

The workplace of an Event Planner:

• As Event planners, you may have to spend most of your time in office. During meetings and events, you will usually work on-site at hotels or convention centers.
• You may have to travel regularly to attend events and to organize and to visit prospective meeting sites.
• As a Planner, you will need to periodically collaborate with clients, hospitality workers, and meeting attendees.

Average earning of event planners.

the annual income of event planners is around $50000 per annum.

Well, the earning potential as an event planner depends on what types and how of clients you are handling. You will get paid according to your service quality and reputation. So try to give your best service to your clients, and you may get referral clients from that event.

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