How to Become Fashion Designer (Course, Salary, Skills, Career)

How to Become Fashion Designer (Course, Salary, Skills, Career)
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Hello there welcome to in this article we are going to discuss on How to Become Fashion Designer (Course, Salary, Skills, Career). Means all the things which you need to become a fashion designer.

We are also going to discuss the earning potential of fashion designer, skills set and the career opportunities and how to start your own fashion designing company.

How to Become Fashion Designer (Course, Salary, Skills, Career)

Who is a fashion designer

A fashion designer is one who is in love with fashion trends who loves to play by sketching designs and selecting materials. All the aspects of designing appeal his imagination and by following his imagination he/she creates a masterpiece in the genre of fashion.

Course and skills needed for becoming a fashion designer:

Nowadays there are numbers of institutions who provide fashion designing course. so you can join one of these fashion courses and polish your designer’s skills.

Get certified for these courses and move forward with relevant knowledge in your hand.

I am not saying you can’t do anything in this field without degrees, but these courses will polish your skills which will be helpful in future.

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Skills Set needed to become fashion designer

  1. Should have Good Knowledge of dress materials.
  2. Ability to transform thoughts and sketch into a real dress.
  3. Strong visualization so you can think of a new design.
  4. Observation so you can pick your new design ideas from the real world.
  5.  Strong communication so you can guide your teammates/staff/colleagues accurately what you want.
  6. Business knowledge (sells. finance, marketing) so you can scale up your business.
  7. Ability to work in a team in this profession you will need to work with others.
  8. Competitive mindset so you can outperform your competitions.

Create your portfolio:

Its time to create your portfolio, you have your designer dresses ready hire models or girls from social media (cost effective) for a portfolio shoot.

And now its time to update your portfolio on your website/blog/Facebook page. Keep your portfolio updates with new designer dresses.

Entitle your brand and arrange a fashion show:

Now its time to create your brand and it recognized which will help you to get more customers in future.

One of the way to do this by arranging a fashion show you can do it locally in your city area or you can opt for a big fashion show by booking a slot there.

Give your best foot forward.

You can also take help of social media like Facebook/Instagram. What you have to do is arrange photoshoot and then promote those pictures on social media.

Attract your customers:

Take help of marketing let your customers know that your business exists. Offer your designs for sale. If you can afford, give discounts/offers to your first-time customers, so they come back and shop again.

Face the criticism positively and bring improvements:

In the starting days of business, you may face criticism from your clients take it positively and improve work style with your innovations skills. Make desired changes in your work and learn from your mistakes.

Salary (earning Potential)

A Fashion Designer earns an average salary of Rs 358,011 per year. Experience strongly influences pay for this job.

Get yourself advertised:

  • Create a Facebook page.
  • Create your website/blog and share your work and work ideas about fashion designing there.
  • Write guest posts in other blogs of fashion.
  • Advertisements in a newspaper.
  • Social media Influencers.

I hope you enjoyed this article How to Become Fashion Designer (Course, Salary, Skills, Career).

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