7 Google Opinion Rewards App Hacks to Make More Money Easily

7 Google Opinion Rewards App Hacks to Make More Money Easily
7 Google Opinion Rewards App Hacks to Make More Money Easily
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Hello there welcome to getbusinessidea.com in this article I am going to share 7 google opinion rewards app hacks by using these hacks you will be able to make more money. You will also learn how you can get more frequent surveys on google opinion rewards app.

Google Opinion Rewards is a mobile survey app for Android and iOS developed by Google. It allows users to answer surveys and earn rewards. On Android, users earn Google Play credits which can be redeemed by buying paid apps from Google Play Store. Wikipedia

7 Google Opinion Rewards App Hacks to Make More Money Easily

Google Opinion Rewards is an app run by Google which gives you money for completing surveys.

7 Google Opinion Rewards App Hacks to Make More Money Easily

1. Open the app every single day.

It has been seen that those peoples who open google opinions reward app every day they get more frequent surveys.

So open the app every day and increase the chance of getting more surveys by opening it daily.

2. Keep your GPS on while visiting any place

Google tracks your location and sends you the relevant surveys.

So what you have to do is next time When you visit some popular places like malls, hotels, park, cinemas, etc. keep your locations on.

And you may receive the Google survey about that place.

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3. Share Location History

Share your location history with the app so the app can analyze your location history and send you the relevant survey.

So sharing the location history with Google rewards will increase the chances of more surveys.

How To enable Google location history sharing:

  1.  Swipe right for app setting menu.
  2.  Tap on settings.
  3.  Now Tap on Google Location History and enable.
  4.  To Enable the location toggle switch on top.
  5.  Now start Traveling a lot

5. Be honest

Google expects honest reviews from you so just be honest you answer surveys. Some peoples fake their income, age, interest, etc. Don’t do that.

Do not forget its google their one algorithm update can track your fake answers. So be genuine while answering google rewards surveys.

6. Pay attention while taking survey

Google checks your attention by giving you dummy questions in the middle of surveys.

And if you answer dummy questions wrong the app will know that you are not taking the survey seriously.

Some users have reported that they are not receiving new receiving new surveys after giving wrong answers in google surveys.

So give full attention while taking Google rewards survey.

7. Gender influence

After reviewing people respond to this app surveys, it seems Google wants more reviews from girls that’s why it’s giving more frequent surveys to females.

Maybe because females travel more than men and visit malls, cinemas, and other public places often.

How much can you via google opinion rewards?

It depends on your geography, culture, honesty, how often you travel, how many public places you visit and some more factors.

Here is a screenshot of a user you can get an idea how much you can earn from this app.

I hope you enjoyed this post 7 Google Opinion Rewards App Hacks to Make More Money Easily.

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And finally, Thank you for reading.

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