How to Start Home Made Tiffin Service Business

Start Home Food Delivery (Tiffin Box Lunch) Service Business Plan
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How to Start Home Made Tiffin Service Business: Hello, there welcome to in this post I am going to tell you how you can start home food delivery service. Tiffin box service mainly targets the bachelors who live in different cities away from there family for work and studies.

Normally students and bachelors cannot afford hotel food every day they miss home food when they stay away from home. that’s why they prefer tiffin service aka home food delivery.

Start Home Food Delivery (Tiffin Box Lunch) Service Business Plan

If you have like cooking and want to make some money then you can turn this lunch box service to into a business. you can provide food to students and charge them on monthly basis.

What are home-based food services?

In simple term, we can say the home delivery services are the service that delivers food to the student and bachelors.

How much can you earn from food delivery business?

Suppose you provide 200 lunch box per day and charge 50 Rupees per lunch box then

200*50= 10,000

300*50= 15,000

500*50= 25,000

1000*50= 50,000

it’s just a rough estimation you can easily expand your business by hiring cooks for your business and providing more lunch box to the customers.

Who can start this home food business?

  • If you love cooking.
  • The one who is passionate at cooking new recipes.
  • if you like to start your home food business.
  • Delivery guy who is going to deliver tiffin box.

Start Home Food Delivery (Tiffin Box Lunch) Service Business Plan

Procedure to get started:

  • First of all, you need to look for your locality allows this home food delivery service or not.
  • You should be prepared for any consequences if any fell sick after eating.
  • you should always know your customer and their health problems like allergy, etc; and provide them food accordingly.
  • Get required paperwork and license.

How people will come to know about your food:

  • Banners and advertisement.
  • Help to local media.
  • Contact hostels and residents.
  • Networking.

You have to figure out and select your market to sell you food items. You can try:

1. Small grocery stores.
2. Gift shops.
3. Delicatessens.
4. Health food stores.

Choose the best market/store in your surrounding:

Look around for the store you are best acquainted with. There must be a well-reputed out-let which is steady so you can consult your food items with the owner of that store, and you can carry on this way.

Get to know about rules and regulations:

It’s better to write your local country health department and inquire about the requirements and paperwork to start this home food business.

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