Stop Consuming Negativity [10 Step Plan] To Change Your Life

Stop Consuming Negativity [10 Step Plan]
Stop Consuming Negativity [10 Step Plan]
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Stop Consuming Negativity: What will you do when your neighbor throw all their garbage in your beautiful flowers garden you will stop them right!

Then why you are not doing that when other peoples are throwing Negativity in your mind. Today I will tell you how to stop Consuming Negativity and start feeding your mind with positivity.

You are consuming Negativity daily through people, social media, news channels, and useless blogs, politicians, our friends, and relatives everyone is feeding you Negativity.

it can be through posts, videos, articles, jokes, news, voice, visual or any other medium but they are spewing Negativity.

and it’s affecting your subconscious mind, your confidence, your morals and values and most important your dreams which can impact and completely change many lives.

but if you continue doing this the world will not be able to see that change.

Stop Consuming Negativity [10 Step Plan]

You become what you feed in your mind regularly.

How to get rid of Negativity

1. Cut all the noises. Anything which does not contribute towards your goals is noises you have to cut them down and move away slowly.

2. Follow some good motivational and inspiring pages and profiles.

3. Identify your dreams and work towards it daily. The compound effect makes your daily efforts into a big one just keep working.

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4. Start reading good books 10+ pages daily.

5. Surround yourself with positivity. Good friends, mentors, books, people networking can do wonders for you.

6. Practice reality-based thinking. Don’t live in an illusion of like and dislike open your eyes and see around yourself what is working and what is not.

if you want to drive you to need to open your eyes and see the reality otherwise you will crash soon. In the same way, if you don’t plan your goals based on reality you will end up in the dust soon.

7. Stop wasting your time. Fix a time for relaxation and enjoyment and in working hours strictly work towards your goals.

8. Unfollow and avoid all pages and profile which post negative and self-degrading posts.

I.e. social media, news channels, useless blogs, politics, self-degrading jokes, etc.

9. Feed your mind with positive dialogues daily. When you start positive dialogues with your mind it kills the Negativity and you start getting more new ideas about achieving your goals.

10. Maintain distance from peoples who just want to waste time and make fun of others. Use that time to improve yourself.

Books Which Will help you in Beating negativity and start enjoying your life:

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