Use Emotional Marketing & Branding in Business for exponential growth

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Use Emotional Marketing & Branding in Business for exponential growth: if you want high growth in your business then you should start using emotional marketing & branding in your business.

You need to connect peoples emotionally with your business

What is emotional marketing?

Emotional branding is a term used within marketing communication that refers to the practice of building brands that appeal directly to a consumer’s emotional state, needs, and aspirations. in other words emotional marketing connect peoples with your company.


You can see this marketing technique getting used by many companies like, google, patanjali they are targeting people emotions and making their brand popular.

Human is a emotional creature so if you want to make a great impact of your business then you should try emotional marketing. You should create a bond between peoples and your company.

How you can apply emotional marketing techniques in your business.

1. Identify the challenges customers face

If you can identify the pain point of customers and solve them and make your customers smile they will feel more connected with your company.

Because you care.

2. Elaborate how your brand is improving their lives

People don’t really care what your company behind the stage to make a product or how much money you want to make

All they care is how it can improve their life how they can get most benifit out of your product.

If you can do this people will love your product and Company.

3. Make them feel

You should make your customers feel that they belong with your company connect them with your brand.

Maybe a birthday card or special discount or a free gift or a simple text from your company on special occasions will do the job.

Every one wants to be a part of large group which cares for its people.

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4. Communicate

Communicate with people’s if you can reply to some top comments like their comments appreciate thier love.

Listen and act on genuine criticism and improve show them you are not like other you listen to your customers.

5. Make people laugh

You should try to make people laugh you can do this using social media

you can hire peoples as social media accounts handler who have some good sense of humor and where is their limit.

For example You can see Amazon account handlers are getting in some funny conversations nowadays which is giving them free publicity.

6. Storytelling

Peoples love stories they connect with stories easily. no one needs a higher level intellectual for understanding a simple story right

So why not tell peoples some stories related to your company so they feel more connected.

But keep your stories short and simple and avoid sharing stories which can make a negative perception about your company.

Their are many other ways keep exploring

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