What World Wants From me?

What World Wants From me?
What World Wants From me?
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What World Wants From me? : Hello, friends welcome to Getbusinessidea.com here in this blog we post regularly about lifestyle improvements, business ideas, career-related articles but this article is something different in this post I am going to share a random thought/Question which I get while I was studying

so what is the question? The question is what world wants from me?

Here I am not talking about the society and peoples I am talking about the universe which gives you whatever you ask for love, money, fame, success.

but as you know we live in a world of cause and effect if you want success you need to give something in return.

for example, your time, money, hard work.

Read the full article to find your call and understand what world wants from you for success.

What world wants from me?

This question can open door many for your future

Often we focus only on what we want from the world but we don’t think on what is the world/universe wants from us.

We want to be successful, rich, name, fame, money and many other things

But we forget we have to give something to get something. we have to find the need of the world to become successful.

For example, if you want to lose weight then you have to exercise and plan your diet here we are giving away our food, time and hard work to Lose weight.

Second example if we want to make money in share market first we have to give our time in learning proper technical and fundamental analysis and then we invest our money to get more money and if everything is right in return for that the share market gives us a good return.

so here we are giving our time and money to get more money from the world.

As we all know the world runs on demand and supply so first you have to identify and observe what your customers and clients want from you what is their needs and you just have to fulfill them.

From career point of view?

Often we start thinking for ourselves like i want 1lakh per month package i want to start this business and get successful and rich but we don’t think what we can give in return? What world wants from me? What is the need of the industry, sector etc?

From the point of view of relationships

When we are in a relationship first we need to accept that no one is perfect and we often make mistakes in understanding our partner needs

We start blabbering like I am giving her expensive gifts, freedom, money, time and many other things but still our relationship is a mess.

What you need to do simply ask your partner what she wants maybe is looking for respect and time from you she doesn’t want money, expensive gifts but you.

So what you have to do to understand the need of world?

1. Observe and ask questions.

Observe your self and analyze why you haven’t got what you wanted what is stopping you to achieve your goals.

2. Improve yourself.

If you want to achieve the big success you have to put big efforts in it. So learn from your mistakes and move closer to your goals every day.

3. Give the world what it wants from you.

4. Ask this question “What the worlds wants from me” daily to yourself.

Repeat this question daily in your mind and give the world(your future) what it wants.

let it be your time, money, patience, hard work and in return, you will get what you want.

And I am sure you will start feeling the change in your world.

You can not achieve your goals until and unless you are giving your 100% efforts for your goals.

I hope you enjoyed this article What World Wants From me? share this post let your friends know about this simple but underrated fact.

Thank you for reading.

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